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Tip Calculator is a super easy-to-use free online tool to calculate tips.

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How does Tip Calculator work?

The use of the Tip Calculator is very straightforward and comfortable. The calculator is designed to be easy to use from desktop, tablet and smartphones. First, enter the total amount of the bill. The default setting of the Tip Calculator is a 15 percent tip. To modify this, decrease or increase the percentage of the tip by dragging the slider to the right or to the left.

As soon as you enter the total amount of the bill, the calculator immediately tells you the amount of the tip, as well as the total amount you have to pay.

It is also possible to split the bill or the tip between several people. To do so, simply enter the number of participants, and the Tip Calculator will immediately show the Tip Per Person and Total Per Person amounts.

What is a tip?

Tip means a small amount of money given as a gratuity to someone working in the service sector for the service they have performed, in addition to the basic price of the service. Basically, this is how we express our satisfaction with the service (lower tip, or no tip if you are not satisfied).

We give tips at restaurants, cafes, petrol stations, taxi drivers, cloakrooms, pizza couriers, restaurant bathrooms. It also happens frequently that the tip is not given alone; in this case, both the bill and the tip are shared proportionally among the people involved in the service.

How to choose the tip percentage?

The specific value of the tip depends on the country and our level of satisfaction with the service. In the USA, the typical value of a tip is around 15-20 percent if we were happy with the service. In some countries, however, for example in Japan, a tip is regarded as an insult. Therefore, if you travel abroad, do not forget to check in advance if a tip is given in that country and, if so, how much.

There are some services where it is not possible to calculate a percentage, or the amount is relatively low. Then we express our gratitude with a smaller fix amount. For example, at a hotel housekeepers get $1-2 per night and guest, and a bartender can get a tip of $1 after serving a drink. As for valet parking, the tip rate is between $2 and $5 for each check-in and check-out.

The rate is similar in cases where the bill has already been settled beforehand, such as for a tour guide. If a sightseeing tour lasts for 3 hours, the typical tip rate is $1 per person per hour.

Sometimes a delivery charge is included in your bill. If this is the case, you should ask if it goes directly to the person who served you. If it doesn’t, you should give a tip.

How to easily calculate a tip in your head?

For a quick and easy tip calculation, we now show you a great tip calculation technique. With this method you can calculate the tip amount almost as fast as if you had used the TipCalc.net tip calculator. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it’s amazingly fast anyway, while being super simple, as well. Let's see how the calculation of the tip in your head works in practice!

  • 0% tip - It’s dead easy to calculate as a 0 percent tip means you don’t pay any tip.
  • 10% tip – Let’s say that your bill is $44.80. The only thing you should do to get the tip value is to move the decimal point to the left by one. So a 10 percent tip is $4,48.
  • 5% tip – To get a 5 percent tip, let’s calculate a 10 percent tip first, then divide this number by two.
  • 20% tip – Use the calculation technique of the 10 percent tip, and multiply the result by two.
  • 15% tip – This is the combination of calculating the 10 percent tip and the 5 percent tip.
Easy, isn’t it?

Tip Calculator Glossary

What is what in the world of tip calculation?

  • Tip Percentage – This is a percentage value, typically between 15 and 20 percent in the USA.
  • Bill Amount – The bill you pay the tip for.
  • Tip Amount – A specific amount calculated from the Tip Percentage, paid as a sign of your satisfaction.
  • Total Bill Amount – The total amount, including the tip, that you pay for the service.
  • Tip Per Person – If you split the bill between several persons, the tip will be split accordingly. To get this value, divide Tip Amount by the number of participants.
  • Total Bill Per Person – This is the total amount divided by the number of people splitting the bill.
  • Tip Split – Same as the Tip Per Person.
  • Total Bill Split – Same as the Total Bill Per Person.